LASIK, or Laser In-situ Keratomileusis uses the Excimer laser -- a cold beam of ultraviolet light to gently correct the shape of your cornea, allowing you to see without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. The Eximer laser can remove tissue with an accuracy of 0.25 microns, or 10 millionths of an inch; permitting the surgical correction of vision errors with tremendous precision, control and safety.

In order to be a candidate for laser surgery you should be over 18 years of age, with stable myopia (nearsightedness), or hyperopia (farsightedness), and/or regular astigmatism. People over the age of 40 may require the use of reading glasses after the surgery as LASIK cannot correct presbyopia, a condition of the lens that causes a near-focusing deficiency as the eye ages.

The success of the surgical outcome is heavily dependent on the pre- and post-operative care, and the health of the cornea. The doctors at Murrayhill work with the laser surgeon, to ensure the best care and continuity of treatment before, through, and after the surgery. We will be pleased to recommend a laser surgeon for you.

We use the latest instrumentation and testing techniques to evaluate your eye(s) and prepare you for surgery. This comprehensive testing continues throughout your post-operative course, so you will have ultimate success attaining your best-corrected vision. 
If you are a current contact lens wearer, you may be required to discontinue wearing your contact lenses for between one week to several months before your surgery, depending on the type of lens you wear and your contact lens wearing history.

The fee for all of your pre- and post-operative care at Murrayhill is $300 per eye, and is payable in full on your pre-operative appointment day. This fee includes the testing required for surgical enhancement. To find out if you are a candidate for the LASIK procedure, please phone or email us to set an appointment for a free consultation.

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